[लिस्ट]Karnataka Kisan Loan Maafi Beneficiary List | Karnataka First Phase Farmer Karj Maafi List

Karnataka Loan Waiver Scheme List | ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಸಾಲ ಮನ್ನಾ ಯೋಜನೆ | Karnataka Farmer Loan Waiver List |Karnataka Farmer Crop Loan Waiver Scheme |Karnataka First Phase of Loan Waiver| Karnataka Farmer Karj Maafi Yojana | Farmer Loan Maafi Scheme Karnataka | Karnataka Farmer Loan Maaf Scheme | Karnataka Farmer Loan Maafi Scheme List | Karnataka Kisan Karz Maafi List

Karnataka Chief Minister Kumaraswamy announces Farmer loan waiver scheme. This Loan Maafi Scheme is of Rs 34,000 crore. The Karnataka Loan waiver Scheme will only be applicable for farmers whose loan is less than Rs 2 lakh. This is the Karnataka First Phase of Loan Waiver / Karz Maafi. In the 1st Phase of Loan Waiver all the crop loans of farmers up to December 31, 2017 will waive off.

Karnataka kisan Karz maafi list

Karnataka Farmer Crop Loan/Karj Waiver/Maafi Scheme

Karnataka State government has taken a good initiative towards the farmers. By waiving off their loans there will be huge relaxation for the farmers who are not able to pay their loans. Karnataka CM announced a farm loan waiver of up to Rs 2 lakhs of farmers who have defaulted and Rs 25,000 for those who have running accounts. In his maiden budgetary speech, CM Kumaraswamy hinted that the loan waiver will be for farmers who have taken loans from all nationalized and co-operative banks.

However, certain riders have been placed for the farmers to be eligible for the loan waiver scheme. The CM in his budget has said the loan waiver will be in effect for only those farmers who have defaulted on payments to the banks up to December 31 2017.

  • In the Karnataka first stage of the farm loan waiver, defaulted crop loans of farmers up to 31 Dec 2017 will be cleared by the government. Farmers who repaid the loan within time frame will be encouraged by the government by crediting them the repaid loan amount or Rs 25,000 whichever is less.

karnataka-crop-loan-maafi list

Karnataka Farmer Loan Maafi Scheme Eligibility:

The state govt. fixes the maximum principal loan amount to be waived off at Rs. 2 lakh. In his maiden budget speech, CM gives hints that the farm loan waiver scheme will be applicable on the loans taken from Nationalized and co-operative banks. However, there are certain restrictions on who could avail this loan waiver scheme benefits:-

  • Families of officials of the cooperative sector are not eligible.
  • All the families of government officials and other ineligible farm loan recipients are not allowed to take the benefits of this scheme.
  • Farmers who have not paid income tax for past 3 years are also not eligible.

Karnataka First Phase Loan/Karj Maafi List:

Karnataka 1st Phase Loan Maafi List will be available soon. Officials have started their work to carry out the Karnataka Farmer Loan First Phase Waiver List.

The state govt. has earmarked Rs. 6,500 crore for this scheme in 2018-19 budget. Govt. will issue clearance certificates to the defaulter farmers whose loans have been waived off. This will make farmers eligible for taking a new loan from banks.

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